Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics (DEAM)

 Mathematics department faculty and affiliate faculty from Engineering working in the area of DEAM...

Mathematical Biology

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Stochastics, Applied Probability

Numerical Analysis

Applied and Computational Geometry and Topology

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Quantum Information Theory

  • Marius Junge
  • Felix Leditzky
  • Timur Oikhberg

Related Groups

  • IQUIST (Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center)

PDE and Harmonic Analysis

  • Pierre Albin
  • Jared Bronski
  • Burak Erdogan
  • Eduard Kirr
  • Vera Hur
  • Richard Laugesen
  • Nikolaos Tzirakis
  • Xiaochun Li

Dynamical Systems

  • Jared Bronski
  • Yuliy Baryshnikov
  • Lee DeVille
  • Vadim Zharnitsky
  • Daniel Liberzon (ECE)
  • Ali Bellabas (ECE)
  • CSL (Coordinated Sciences Laboratory)
  • IDS2 (Illinois Institute for Data Science and Dynamical Systems)

Fluid Dynamics and Climate Science

  • Vera Hur
  • Ryan Sriver (ATMS)
  • Bo Li (Statistics)

Other Affiliate Faculty

  • Wendy K. Tam Cho (Political Science)






Faculty working in Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics (DEAM)