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Amanda Young

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Contact Information

361 Altgeld
1409 W. Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801
Assistant Professor


After receiving my PhD from UC Davis in 2016, I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Arizona from 2016-2019. I then held a jointly appointed postdoc at the Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology and the Technical University of Munich from 2019-2023, after which I moved to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Research Interests

Analysis, Mathematical Physics

Research Description

My research interests lie in the classification of quantum phases matter, and in particular using analytical methods to investigate spectral and dynamical properties of ground states for quantum lattice models.  Some specific topics I work on include:

  • Proving the existence of nonvanishing spectral gaps for key quantum lattice models.
  • Developing novel methods for proving spectral gaps.
  • Investigating stable properties of quantum phases.
  • Quasi-locality estimates for quantum lattice models.


PhD Mathematics, UC Davis, 2016

Additional Campus Affiliations

IQUIST - Member

Recent Publications

Nachtergaele, B., Sims, R., & Young, A. (2024). Stability of the bulk gap for frustration-free topologically ordered quantum lattice systems. Letters in Mathematical Physics, 114(1).

Lucia, A., & Young, A. (2023). A nonvanishing spectral gap for AKLT models on generalized decorated graphs. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 64(4), Article A147.

Lucia, A., Moon, A., & Young, A. (Accepted/In press). Stability of the Spectral Gap and Ground State Indistinguishability for a Decorated AKLT Model. Annales Henri Poincare.

Warzel, S., & Young, A. (2023). A Bulk Spectral Gap in the Presence of Edge States for a Truncated Pseudopotential. Annales Henri Poincare, 24(1), 133-178.

Nachtergaele, B., Sims, R., & Young, A. (2022). Quasi-Locality Bounds for Quantum Lattice Systems. Part II. Perturbations of Frustration-Free Spin Models with Gapped Ground States. Annales Henri Poincare, 23(2), 393-511.

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