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Zoi Rapti

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Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
229 Computing Applications Building, MC-382
1409 W. Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801
Professor and Lynn M. Martin Professorial Scholar

Research Description

Zoi Rapti is an applied mathematician with principal research interests in Differential Equations, Modelling, and Mathematical Biology.

In Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, her work to date has been primarily concerned with the study of stability of solutions to nonlinear evolution equations, the study of the spectrum of certain perturbed linear Schrodinger Equations, and the stability of solutions of discrete equations, such as the nonlinear Klein-Gordon and Schrodinger equations.

In Mathematical Biology, she has investigated the relation between the thermal denaturation profiles of DNA sequences and the location of promoters -- regions of DNA providing a control point for regulated gene transcription -- and other significant regulatory regions.

More recently, she has been working on disease models both for human epidemics and epidemics of the model organism Daphnia focusing on how community ecology, such as competitors and predators, shape the epidemics. A particular focus is on mutliple-host multiple-pathogen interactions.

Other projects include the study of microbial communities in mosquito populations, the effect of larval competition in Dengue virus-infected mosquitoes, the quantification and analysis of bumble bee color patterns, the modeling and analysis of gene regulatory networks in mammalian limb development, and bacterium-phage dynamics.

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Mathematics
Professor, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
Professor, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Recent Publications

Rapti, Z., Cuevas-Maraver, J., Kontou, E., Liu, S., Drossinos, Y., Kevrekidis, P. G., Barmann, M., Chen, Q. Y., & Kevrekidis, G. A. (2023). The Role of Mobility in the Dynamics of the COVID-19 Epidemic in Andalusia. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 85(6), Article 54.

Alomar, A. A., Eastmond, B. H., Rapti, Z., Walker, E. D., & Alto, B. W. (2022). Ingestion of spinosad-containing toxic sugar bait alters Aedes albopictus vector competence and vectorial capacity for dengue virus. Frontiers in Microbiology, 13, Article 933482.

Kevrekidis, G. A., Rapti, Z., Drossinos, Y., Kevrekidis, P. G., Barmann, M. A., Chen, Q. Y., & Cuevas-Maraver, J. (2022). Backcasting COVID-19: A physics-informed estimate for early case incidence. Royal Society Open Science, 9(12), Article 220329.

Landa, K. J., Mossman, L. M., Whitaker, R. J., Rapti, Z., & Clifton, S. M. (2022). Phage–Antibiotic Synergy Inhibited by Temperate and Chronic Virus Competition. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 84(5), Article 54.

Clifton, S. M., Whitaker, R. J., & Rapti, Z. (2021). Temperate and chronic virus competition leads to low lysogen frequency. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 523, Article 110710.

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