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Marius Junge

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Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
363 Altgeld Hall, MC-382
1409 W. Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801

Research Interests

Functional Analysis, Operator Algebras and Quantum Information Theory 

Research Description

Operator spaces and C*-algebras, Noncommutative martingales and Noncommutative Lp-spaces, Quantum Games, Lindbladians 


PhD: 1991 Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel
Habilitation: 1996 Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel

Awards and Honors

Fellow, American Mathematical Society, 2017
Richard and Margaret Romano Professorial Scholar, College of LAS, University of Illinois, 2011-2014
J.L. Doob Scholar, Department of Mathematics, University of Illinois, 2011-2012
Associate, Center for Advanced Study, University of Illinois, 2010-2011

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Mathematics

Recent Publications

Brannan, M., Gao, L., & Junge, M. (2023). Complete Logarithmic Sobolev inequality via Ricci curvature bounded below II. Journal of Topology and Analysis, 15(3), 741-794.

Chitambar, E., George, I., Doolittle, B., & Junge, M. (2023). The Communication Value of a Quantum Channel. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 69(3), 1660-1679.

Junge, M., Laracuente, N., & Rouzé, C. (2023). Stability of Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities Under a Noncommutative Change of Measure. Journal of Statistical Physics, 190(2), Article 30.

Lee, K., Sharma, R. S., Junge, M., & Romberg, J. (2023). Approximately low-rank recovery from noisy and local measurements by convex program. Information and Inference, 12(3), Article iaad013.

Li, G., Marius, J., & Nicholas, L. R. (2023). 量子信道的熵不确定性原理和强次可加性. Scientia Sinica Mathematica, 53(12), 1631-1652.

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