Early registration for Summer/Fall 2024 begins April 1, 2024.
This page offers information about registering for mathematics courses. You can find other information regarding registration via these links.

Be aware of course restrictions


Many mathematics courses have prerequisites for registration, or other restrictions. Such restrictions are typically found in the section listing for the course.

Some courses are restricted during early registration, to ensure that students who need specific courses for their primary program of study are able to register. Some of these restrictions will be lifted later during the registration period. To see more information about when temporary restrictions will be lifted, see the course restriction schedule. 

Special course offerings for Fall 2024

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Merit courses

The Merit Program provides an interactive group learning environment for selected students. For general information regarding the Merit Program, consult the Merit Program website.

Registration in Math Merit sections requires approval from the Math Merit Director if students are not already part of the Merit Program. Concurrent enrollment for 1 hour of credit in the Merit Section of MATH 199 is required for MATH 220, MATH 221, MATH 231, and MATH 241.

Jennifer McNeilly, Math Merit Program Director

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Cohort courses

MATH 347 C2M is reserved for students who were previously invited to the Merit Program, students planning to become high school math teachers, or students who transferred to UIUC from a 2-year institution.

Students in these groups should email mathadvising@illinois.edu to request approval.

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Honors courses

To qualify for mathematics honors courses, students should have "A" grades in prior mathematics coursework. The following honors courses are available to qualified undergraduates this semester:

  • Honors Section of MATH 347
  • Honors Section of MATH 416
  • MATH 424 (prerequisite OR co-requisite: MATH 416)
  • MATH 427

To request approval for an honors course, email mathadvising@illinois.edu using the subject line “Honors course request: [347/416/424/427]” (please specify which course you want to take). In the same email, include your name, UIN, netID, the reason for your interest, and your qualifications for applying to the honors course.

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Topic courses

Topics courses emphasize material introduced in other mathematics courses, giving students the opportunity to focus more narrowly on a given topic, explore its nuances, or engage with material that may not be covered in other coursework. Topics courses may be of interest to students looking to gain a deeper understanding in a favorite subject—or to study a subject new to them.

Special course requests


Graduate students may request to take a 400-level course for 4 credits

Many 400-level MATH classes are offered as 3-credit sections by default, but some may have a 4-credit option available to graduate students. Because the extra credit hour requires the instructor to prepare additional coursework for the graduate student, this option is offered only at the instructor’s discretion. Please note that the inclusion of a 4-credit section on the timetable does not guarantee that the instructor will be offering a 4-credit option.

To request additional credit, students must first register for the 3-hour section. Students should then complete and submit the form to request the additional credit hour between the first day of the semester and the 8th week of the semester.

Undergraduate students may request to take a 500-level course

Undergraduate students who wish to enroll in a graduate mathematics course should first have completed significant work at the 400-level with A or A+ grades.

To request approval to take a graduate MATH course, email math-undergrad-director@illinois.edu using the subject line “Undergraduate requesting a graduate course.” The same email should include your name, netID, UIN, the course you are requesting to take, the CRN of the course requested, and reason for your request.

Note that for some classes, including MATH 500 and MATH 540, registration is temporarily restricted to mathematics graduate students to ensure that they are given priority for the classes they need. Review may be requested in advance, but they may also be delayed if the current semester’s class grades are needed for the review.