Mathematics Development Advisory Board

Inaugural Mathematics Advisory Board (2010)

Inaugural board members (from left): Ceil Kuzma, David Hays, Ken Fine, Kelly Belford, Sheldon Katz, Robert Fossum, Susan Morisato, Kevin Davis, Gail Kellogg, Brad Smith, and Philippe Tondeur.

Mathematics Development Advisory Board

The Mathematics Development Advisory Board (MDAB) was created in 2010 to advise and assist the department in our advancement efforts. The board has 12 members serving staggered three-year terms.

The MDAB has become an integral part of the department. In just a few years, the board has helped the department enormously in numerous ways. The MDAB has worked behind the scenes to help us launch the Campaign for Altgeld and Illini Halls, create and nurture a scholarships program for departmental majors, create new endowments to support the academic work of faculty and students, dramatically improve career services and career preparation for our students, and much more. We have come to rely heavily on the board's counsel and assistance.

The work of the MDAB is done at an annual fall meeting and then throughout the year by committees that meet by teleconference. Currently, we have committees focused on endowments, scholarships, graduate students, postdoctoral students, alumni engagement, the Illinois Geometry Lab, and programmatic support for students seeking corporate employment.

If you have suggestions for the MDAB or would like more information, please contact Evan Tammen, Assistant Director of Development, LAS, (217) 300-5114,

Current Board Members

Katy Fluet (2018-2021)
A. Greig Woodring  (2018-2021)
Bonnie Mampe (2018-2021)
Steve Cox (2018-2021)
Howard Aizenstein (2019-2022)
Matt Byron (2019-2022)
Meghan Galiardi (2019-2022)
Mary Lynn Reed (2019-2022)
George Akst (2020-2023)
Jerry Casey (2020-2023)

Bill Perry (2020-2023)
Bill Schwegler( 2020-2023)


Past Board Members

Thomas Rozanski (2017-2020)
Thomas Insel (2017-2020)
Charles Morris (2017-2020)
Frank Collecchia (2017-2020)

Matt Rodriguez (2016-2019)
Bill Hogan (2016-2019)
Allie Larkin (2016-2019)
Steve Erlebacher (2016-2019)
Gail Kellogg (2010-2014; 2015-2018)
Scott Fisher (2015-2018)
Nancy Corrigan (2015-2018)
Raymond Lester (2015-2018)
Jonathan Ankney (2014-2017)
Ted Chien (2014-2017)
Thomas Moses (2014-2017)
David Hays (2010-2012; 2016-2017)
Crystal Golden-Zayed  (2013-2016)
Kelly Yancey (2013-2016)
Jerry Levy (2013-2016)
Peggy Ruff  (2013-2016)
Eric Wanger (2014-2016)
Tryggve Fossum (2012-2015)
Thomas E. Schrickel (2012-2015)
Chris Miller (2012-2015)
Bill Schwegler (2012-2015)
Ken Fine (2010- 2012)
Robert Fossum (2010-2012)
Philippe Tondeur (2010-2012)
Ceil Kuzma (2010-2012)
Kelly Belford (2010-2012)
Susan Morisato (2010-2014 )
Kevin Davis (2010-2014)
Bradley M. Smith  (2010-2014)