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Kay Kirkpatrick

Professor, Blackwell Scholar, and Helen Corley Petit Scholar

Research Interests

Statistical mechanics, probability, differential equations, and applications to physics and biology.


Ph.D. UC-Berkeley, 2007

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Mathematics
Professor, Physics

Recent Publications

Inafuku, D. A., Kirkpatrick, K. L., Osuagwu, O., An, Q., Brewster, D. A., & Nakib, M. Z. (2023). Channel capacity of the ribosome. Physical Review E, 108(4), Article 044404.

Subramanyan, V., Kirkpatrick, K. L., Vishveshwara, S., & Vishveshwara, S. (2023). Are microtubules electron-based topological insulators? EPL, 143(4), Article 46001.

Kirkpatrick, K., Mirasola, A. E., & Prescod-Weinstein, C. (2022). Analysis of Bose-Einstein condensation times for self-interacting scalar dark matter. Physical Review D, 106(4), Article 043512.

Kirkpatrick, K. L. (2022). Biological computation: hearts and flytraps. Journal of Biological Physics, 48(1), 55-78.

Gao, Y., Kirkpatrick, K., Marzuola, J., Mattingly, J., & Newhall, K. A. (2021). LIMITING BEHAVIORS OF HIGH DIMENSIONAL STOCHASTIC SPIN ENSEMBLES*. Communications in Mathematical Sciences, 19(2), 453-494.

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