Faculty Research

faculty in mathematicsThe Department of Mathematics has a long and distinguished history at the University of Illinois and is rated in the top 20 mathematics departments in the nation. Today the department has 69 faculty, 18 postdoctoral faculty, and 160 graduate students. Many of our faculty have spoken at the International Congress of Mathematicians, and won national and international prizes for research.

The Department has one of the largest and most comprehensive mathematics graduate programs in the world and supports a large number of postdoctoral positions, offering training for careers in the mathematical sciences.

The distinguished faculty have interests in many areas of the mathematical sciences, including Actuarial Science, Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Combinatorics, Differential Equations, Geometry, Logic, Number Theory, Probability Theory, and Topology. The Department's faculty conduct research that supports the on-going theoretical development of the mathematical sciences, and that simultaneously promotes the interdisciplinary use of mathematics in science, engineering and other fields.

Research Areas

Actuarial Science
Algebraic Geometry
Combinatorics and Optimization
Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics
Geometry and Topology
Number Theory

Seminars by area

Mathematics Colloquia

AWM Graduate Student Colloquium
Actuarial Science & Financial Mathematics
Freshmen Actuarial Science Seminar
Algebra, Geometry and Combinatoric (AGC) Seminar
Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Analysis Seminar
Commutative Ring Theory
Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Seminar
Descriptive Set Theory
Doob Colloquium
Geometric Group Theory Working Seminar
Geometry, Groups and Dynamics/GEAR Seminar
Graduate Geometry/Topology Seminar
Graduate Student Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Graduate Student Analysis Seminar
Graduate Student Homotopy Seminar
Graduate Student Number Theory Seminar
Graph Theory and Combinatorics Seminar
Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations (HADES)
Integrability and Representation Theory Seminar
Logic Seminar
Math 499 Lectures
Math-Physics Seminar
Mathematical Biology Seminar
Mathematical Finance, Risk and Uncertainty Seminar
Mathematics in Science and Society (MSS)
Model Theory and Descriptive Set Theory
Number Theory Seminar
Probability Seminar
Symplectic and Poisson Geometry
Topology Seminar

Past Calendars