While we are not able to offer financial aid to most MS students, there are some exceptions:

MS in the Teaching of Mathematics: A teaching assistantship and full tuition waiver (plus partial fee waiver) will be offered for three semesters to all admitted applicants who are native speakers of English or satisfy the English Proficiency Requirement for International Teaching Assistants.

MS in Mathematics and MS in Applied Mathematics: A small number of highly qualified applicants may be offered partial support upon admission, typically a teaching assistantship (with stipend and tuition waiver) for half of the academic year. Preference may be given to admitted applicants who are native speakers of English or satisfy the English Proficiency Requirement for International Teaching Assistants. International applicants who wish to be considered for funding should submit a recent TOEFL or IELTS score.

Currently enrolled MS Math and MS Applied Math students are sometimes hired as teaching assistants after enrollment, on an as-needed basis each semester. There is no guarantee of employment, so students must be prepared to finance the entire cost of their degree program from other sources. Currently enrolled MS students who wish to be considered as teaching assistants should register here. International students should satisfy the English Proficiency Requirement as measured by the TOEFL or IELTS or the university-administered EPI (English Proficiency Interview).


Other sources of support

Some MS students may qualify for Fellowship support from various sources outside the Department of Mathematics.

Some students find employment elsewhere on campus: see the Graduate Assistantship Clearinghouse.

MS students may apply for student loans through the Office of Student Financial Aid.