Applications will be reviewed only after they are complete.

MS Mathematics, MS Applied Mathematics, MS Teaching of Mathematics – The deadline for applications for Fall 2024 is Dec. 15, 2023.  Applications are not accepted for Spring 2024.

MS Actuarial Science and Risk Management,  MS Predictive Analytics and Risk Management – see Graduate Degrees in Actuarial Science and Risk Analytics.


Online Application

First complete the online portion of the application, including payment of the application fee. Under-represented U.S. minority applicants can apply for an application fee waiver.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the University requirements for admission to the Graduate College, the Department of Mathematics requires the following:

  • GPA (Grade Point Average): The minimum GPA for admission is 3.00 on a 4.00 scale.

  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination): The GRE general and mathematics subject tests are accepted but not required.  The GRE mathematics subject test, while not required, can strengthen an application in cases where the applicant's knowledge of mathematics is significantly above what is indicated by the transcript.

  • Transcripts: As part of the online application process you will be asked to upload a copy of your undergraduate transcript (and also graduate transcript if applicable) showing grades for the most recent semester.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Please arrange for three letters of recommendation to be uploaded to our online application system. Letters from professors who have taught you in mathematics classes or who have supervised you in a research project are the most useful.

  • Academic and Personal Statement: Please include an academic and personal statements as specified in the online application.

  • Program-Specific Questions: The Department of Mathematics does not require any program-specific questions.

English Proficiency for Admission

Declaration of Finances

International students must submit the Declaration and Certification of Finances form before a visa can be issued. We do not need this form in order to review your application. If you are later offered admission and accept the offer, then you must submit the form along with the required bank statement before you can be admitted to the university and get a visa. The bank statement must show resources for the full cost of education and living expenses. Please note that you are not required to pay this amount, only to show evidence of such finances in a bank account. To repeat, we do not need this documentation now in order to review your application.