Mathematics Ambassadors

Read about our 2019-20 Mathematics Ambassadors

2019-20 Math Ambassadors

The mission of the Mathematics Ambassadors is to represent the Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in various capacities and act as a student advisory committee for the Mathematics Undergraduate Studies office. Mathematics Ambassadors are selected from current declared mathematics undergraduate majors in their junior or senior year, based on strong academics, demonstrated leadership and involvement, and commitment to the department, college, and university both while in school and as alumni.

Mathematics Ambassadors Application: Click here to apply!


  • Junior or senior standing
  • Declared mathematics major
  • Minimum mathematics major and overall GPA of 3.00
  • A one year commitment and availability

Your application packet must include

  • Mathematics Ambassador Application
  • Statement of Interest (one page minimum, three page maximum,
    double spaced, typed):
    • Describe your interest in becoming a math ambassador
    • Why you believe you will be a great ambassador for the Department of Mathematics
    • How you view teamwork and leadership
    • Career goals
  • Resume
  • References


Mathematics Ambassadors Program Information


  • Students must be able to commit to a full academic year (two full semesters)
  • Students must have junior or senior standing and be a declared Mathematics Major
  • Minimum Mathematics GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum Overall GPA of 3.0

Selection of Students

  • The Mathematics Undergraduate Studies Office will select up to 10 students based upon their applications
  • The Undergraduate Studies Office will send out a call for applications at the beginning of each year (as needed) to fill unoccupied spaces
  • Selected students will serve a two semester period
  • All Ambassadors must reapply after their two- semester term finishes

Student Responsibilities

  • Students must attend at least one event per semester
  • Students must always present themselves and act in a professional manner
  • Students must always wear their Department of Mathematics polo shirt and name tag when attending an event to represent the Department
  • Students will show up early to events and help clean up after – if required
  • Students will be receptive to giving back their time to the University as alumni (i.e. participating in panel discussions, assisting during homecoming, be a guest speaker in the career course – MATH 199, etc)

Student Opportunities

  • Help plan events for the Department which will benefit fellow students and alumni
  • Meet alumni and have the opportunity to attend field-trips and department activities
  • Be an integral part of the undergraduate office
  • Meet incoming students and act as a student mentors to encourage retention and persistence in the major
  • Build leadership experience and skills
  • Act as an advisory committee to the Department of Mathematics
  • Create and hold executive board positions for a young alumni panel

Potential Activities

  • Assistance with MATH 199
  • Student mentors for underclassmen
  • Maintain blog and social media for the group
  • Plan and coordinate student engagement events
  • Create student surveys
  • First opportunity for paid positions within the Department (proctoring, tutoring, etc.)
  • Following graduation, join mathematics department alumni groups, create a young alumni group, and continue to attend Department events and promote the Department of Mathematics

Events (tentative)

  • Fall Welcome Back Event
  • New & Transfer Student Welcome Events
  • Orange and Blue Days
  • Admitted Student Days
  • Student Panels
  • College of LAS call for student volunteers
  • Career Events (Fairs and Panels)
  • Department Panels/Seminars
  • Information sessions for interested transfer students
  • Graduation/End of Year Event
  • Math & Stat Convocation
  • Summer/August Orientations New Student Advising
    (Registration Lab)