Where does my score appear?

1. Your score is automatically added to your PNP Student Profile. That’s where your advisor can view both your best math score and your math course placement.

2. You can view your score and the math course(s) you qualify for via the ALEKS PPL Assessment Score Viewer. Please note that scores are loaded daily, so there may be a 24-hour delay before you see your course placement.

3. You can always see your score immediately by reentering ALEKS PPL. Once you know your score, you can compare it to the current cutoffs.

What if I do not obtain the required minimum score for Math 112, 115, 220, 221 or 234?

Those students enrolled in Math 112, 115, 220, 221, or 234 are required to obtain a minimum ALEKS PPL assessment score by the 5th day of enrollment of at least 80% for Math 220 and 221, 65% for Math 115 and 234, and 40% for Math 112.

Failure to achieve the minimum score for Math 112, 115, 220, 221, and 234 will result in removal from that course and potential placement in the prerequisite course.

Therefore if you do not reach the minimum score, you must retake the ALEKS PPL assessment exam and/or use the learning module in an attempt to improve your score. See access exam for more information. Or you may enroll in the prerequisite course:

  • Math 115 and Math 234 have a prerequisite course of Math 112.
  • Math 220 and Math 221 have a prerequisite course of Math 115.

NOTE: ALEKS PPL test scores expire four months from the date they are obtained.