Doctoral Graduates (1903 to present)


Name PhD Date Dissertation Title Dissertation Director First Job Information
Abdikerimova, Samal 05/15/2022 Peer-to-peer insurance and risk sharing Feng, Runhuan Risk Manager of Segment Actuarial Function Dept. at ERGO Group AG, Düsseldorf, Germany
Clemen, Felix 05/15/2022 Variation of Tur’ An’ S Theorem Balogh, Jozsef Postdoc at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany. 
Jin, Longhao 05/15/2022 Capital allocation and risk management in insurance Feng, Runhuan Research Scientist at Meta
Kielty, Derek 05/15/2022 Spectral theory: minimizing Robin gaps, and singular limits for sign-changing weights Laugesen, Richard Unknown
Neidinger (Neidmann), Dana 05/15/2022 Exact Covering System Digraphs: A Number-Theoretic Family of Directed Graphs on the Integers Reznick, Bruce Visiting Assistant Professor, Centre College (2 yrs)
Park, Shinhae 05/15/2022 Dynamics of Multiple Populations Interactions  Rapti, Zoi Model Validation Analyst, Citi
Robichaux, Colleen 05/15/2022 Equivariant Schubert Calculus and Applications Yong, Alexander Postdoc, Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor, UCLA 
Rudd, Cameron 05/15/2022 Stable isoperimetric ratios and hyperbolic geometry Dunfield, Nathan Postdoc, Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in Bonn
Yang, Yuji 05/15/2022 An Ordinary Rank-Two Case of Local-Global Compatibility for Automorphic Representations of Arbitrary Weight Over CM Fields Allen, Patrick Postdoc, Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research
Zirlin, Dara 05/15/2022 Cycle structure of graphs and hypergraphs: extremal problems and reconstruction Kostochka, Alexandr Data Scientist, Ameren
Zomback, Jenna 05/15/2022 Pointwise ergodic theorems via descriptive set theory Tserunyan, Anush Visiting Asst. Prof., Williams College, 22-23.
Postdoc, University of Maryland, 23-26.
Bhardwaj, Neer 08/15/2022 The Pila-Wilkie theorem and analytic Ax-Kochen-Ersov theory van den Dries, Lou Postdoc, The Weizmann Institute of Science,  Israel
Huynh, Chi 08/15/2022 A study of dimension estimates in the context of spherical Talbot effect and Besov  Erdogan, Mehmet Associate at the Analysis Group, Boston
Linz, William 08/15/2022 Topics in extremal and algebraic combinatorics Baolgh, Jozsef Postdoc in Data Science RTG,  University of South Carolina 
Rennie, Robert 08/15/2022 Quasicategorical Galois Theories Rezk, Charles Visiting Assistant Professor, Colorado College 
Robichaux, Colleen 08/15/2022 Equivariant Schubert Calculus and Applications Yong, Alexander Postdoc, Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor, UCLA 
Sadoveanu, Vlad 08/15/2022 High frequency bound states in nonlinear Schr odinger equations Kirr, Edward Unknown
Shin, Brian 08/15/2022 Norms and transfers in motivic homotopy theory Heller, Jeremiah Postdoc, Assistant Adjunct Professor, UCLA
Tatum, Elizabeth 08/15/2022 On a Spectrum-level Splitting of the BP<2>-Cooperations Algebra at Primes Larger than 3 Stojansoka, Vesna Postdoc, Stockholm University.
Wojtalewicz, Nikolas 08/15/2022 Discontinuous Differential Equations Hirani, Anil Vision Scientist,  Vision Systems Inc. (VSI)
Zhang, Yuxuan 08/15/2022 Local symplectic groupoids and the SGA equation Loja Fernandes, Rui Software engineer, Hive