UIUC Math Circle

UIUC Math Circle is a free weekly extracurricular math program for late middle school and high school students in the Champaign-Urbana area. We aim to teach advanced mathematics at a gentle pace, starting each month-long session at the level of school mathematics and developing the background, theory, and computations needed to understand more difficult and interesting results. Primarily run by graduate students at UIUC, we will meet in Altgeld Hall (location TBD), at 1409 West Green Street, Urbana IL (at Green and Wright).

We will have two tracks, one nominally for grades 8–9 and one nominally for grades 10–11. The tracks will be led by different instructors. Feel free to join whichever track best interests you!

Meet the Instructors

Alex Song 

I'm Alex, a graduate student at UIUC since 2022. I enjoy thinking about teaching mathematics and the interface between school math and discrete math, including combinatorics and number theory. I like to play strategy games such as Dominion and think about markets. I also won a few math olympiads

Ryan McConnell

I'm Ryan, and I started graduate studies at UIUC in 2019, specializing in dispersive PDEs and harmonic analysis with an undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University. I didn't grow up wanting to be a mathematician—in fact, I wanted to be a fire truck. However, since it's a little too late to be a fire truck, I decided that I ought to lean into this whole "math" thing and do some outreach.

Kendra Song

Hello, my name is Kendra! I began graduate math at UIUC in 2022. Previously, I worked as a software engineer at Microsoft, where I helped build Microsoft Teams. I enjoy playing games, piano, reading, and napping with my cats.




Contact Us

Have a question we didn't answer above? Send it to uiucmathcircles@gmail.com.