Travel Funding for Graduate Students

Travel funding from our AWM student chapter is designed to supplement support from the Department of Mathematics for students speaking at conferences or workshops. Additionally, travel funding may be sought from the AWM student chapter for workshops or conferences at which the student will not present his or her original work. 

You are encouraged to apply to multiple funding sources for travel support. Of course, it would be wrong to claim reimbursement from two sources for the same expense. So when you apply for travel funding, you are implicitly promising that any funds you receive will be used for the purpose for which they were approved, and that you will not be reimbursed from any other source for the covered expenses.

Purpose: For travel to conferences or workshops.
Amount of funding: At most $250.
Eligibility requirements: You must be a current graduate student in good standing in the Department of Mathematics. Preference will be given to female graduate students and to students of all genders active in our AWM chapter. 
Application procedure: Click here to apply.
Application deadline: Apply as early as possible before your trip. Retroactive applications will not be considered.
After funding is approved: Please check with the Business Office about procedures for paying directly for transportation and conference registration, getting receipts, and claiming for accommodation and other expenses. If you do not follow the rules, then we may not be able to reimburse you. 
After the trip: Fill out part 1 (only) of the graduate student travel reimbursement form and email a copy to Alex Pacun at, along with a copy of your conference name badge.

Travel funding for speakers

Our AWM chapter also has funding available to help split the cost of bringing in speakers for seminar talks. The goal of this funding is to bring in visitors of particular interest to our AWM chapter. We are most interested in University of Illinois alumnae who are recently tenured at smaller institutions, although a proposed speaker does not need to fit all of these criteria. Speakers who are funded will be expected to participate in an informal chat or lunch with AWM members so that we can learn from their experiences. Please contact Wonwoo Kong and/or Nicole Yamzon if you have a speaker to suggest.