FAQs - Decommissioning of faculty.math.illinois.edu

To stay compliant with campus policy, Math IT will decommission the web and file server faculty.math.illinois.edu on August 15, 2023. We have provided the following information to answer your questions about the decommissioning.

***Please note that "faculty.math.uiuc.edu" and "ssh.math.uiuc.edu" are the same as "faculty.math.illinois.edu" and "ssh.math.illinois.edu," respectively. For ease of reading, we refer only to "faculty.math.illinois.edu" throughout this page, but any mention of "faculty.math.illinois.edu" should be understood to also include "ssh.math.illinois.edu" and all associated backend systems.***

For any questions not answered on this page, please email math-it@illinois.edu.