To stay compliant with campus policy, Math IT will decommission the web and file server on August 15, 2023. We have provided the following information to answer your questions about the decommissioning.

***Please note that "" and "" are the same as "" and "," respectively. For ease of reading, we refer only to "" throughout this page, but any mention of "" should be understood to also include "" and all associated backend systems.***

For any questions not answered on this page, please email

What and who will be affected by this decommissioning?

This will affect all data on, and any of the associated backend systems. Please note that and are the same as and

If the data is under your account, whether it is in your “public html” folder or not, it will become inaccessible after August 15, 2023, and it will be deleted shortly thereafter.

If you do not want any of your data on, including data accessed through, you may proceed without doing anything. That data will be deleted following University policies.

If you are debating whether to keep data or not: We recommend migrating all your data from That way you will have all the data and will be able to delete what is not needed at your leisure.

What storage options are available for my data?

The University’s current recommended and supported storage is Box. Box is available to all current faculty, staff, students, and emeritus professors. Box is accessible via the web, by using an app on your computer or mobile device, and FTP for bulk upload and download.

The following are some knowledge base articles on UI’s Box that you may find helpful:

If you need assistance with Box, reach out to the Technology Services Help Desk. You may reach them by email ( or phone (217-244-7000 or 800-531-2531).

IMPORTANT: You must migrate data to the appropriate storage environment

You are responsible for classifying and storing your data in the appropriate environment. You may have data on that is more than thirty years old and privacy policies have changed much in the last thirty years. It is therefore very important to consider what kind of data you have, whether you need to keep it, and how to migrate that data.

Thirty years ago it may have been allowable to post a student’s Social Security Number (SSN) and their grade. That is NOT acceptable today. Social Security Numbers are classified as high-risk and identifying information, much like a name, NetID, UIN, or SSN with a grade is FERPA data.

If you have FERPA or high-risk (or HIPAA/Medical) data on your account and you want to migrate it, please contact us at so that we can work with you on migrating that to the proper storage environment.

If you have FERPA or high-risk (or HIPAA/Medical) data on your account, but you *do not* want to migrate it, then you do not need to do anything else. We will be deleting data on per University polices and the data will be securely destroyed.


Are there other storage options?

The other University supported option is OneDrive. OneDrive is available to all current faculty, staff, and students. OneDrive is cloud based storage, similar to Box. OneDrive is accessed through the web or by using an app on your computer or mobile device.

Refer to the Technology Services knowledge base for more details about OneDrive, Box and the other UI cloud based storage systems.

Depending on the type of data you have, you may be able to use other storage options. For example, if you only have web code on, you could move that to cPanel or Publish.

For general storage we recommend Box. It is the only University supported storage option with FTP access for bulk transfers and it is the only option for FERPA, High Risk, and HIPAA storage.


Can I get assistance with a data dump of my account?

Yes. We have been working with our partners in ATLAS Infrastructure and they have graciously agreed to offer a data dump option for accounts. There are many accounts on, so we can only do this by request and only for your specific account.

To take advantage of this offer please email us at by July 31 to request a data dump of your account. We will relay the request and ATLAS Infrastructure will dump your account, zip it, and then transfer it to your Box account.

PLEASE NOTE: When we provide your data dump, you will end up with a single zipped file in your Box folder that will contain all your account data from (and Within the Box web interface, you can view the contents of zip files before downloading; however, to access the actual file, you will need to download and unzip the entire archive folder. We cannot guarantee that the zip file will duplicate the file and folder hierarchy of your original account—only that it will contain all the data that it is possible to access from your account.

Where can I publish my new webpage/website?

We recommend that you migrate your website code to one of the following web publishing systems available for faculty, staff, emeritus, current post docs, and current grad students.

  • cPanel provides a dashboard with a variety of tools for creating and managing websites hosted on It is available to students, faculty, and staff, and offers easy collaboration with non-University partners through Google authentication.
  • Publish Illinois, or PIE is a WordPress-based blogging and publishing platform that allows students, faculty, and staff to quickly create and publish online content.
    • Information about how to import and export content in Wordpress, and other knowledge-base articles about PIE are available via the Frequently Asked Questions section of the PIE website.

You may also use a different web publishing service, so long as it complies with university IT policy. You can use the Technology Services "Find Web Hosting" tool to determine which service will best fit your needs.



Will you offer a web redirect for my website?

No. Redirects of any kind will not be possible once decommissioning of starts. Network access to the server will be disabled and the subdomain hostname will be blocked. Due to the sheer number of accounts on, any web redirects, whether in bulk or individually, not practical, or possible.

Once the decommissioning starts users trying to reach[account] will receive either a page not found error, or a page forbidden error, or similar error message.

How do I update my math directory web page with the URL for my new website?

You can edit the information in your directory profile, including a link to a personal website, at any time by following these instructions. Be sure to select the appropriate instructions based on your classification.

Faculty members' directory profiles may also incorporate data from Illinois Experts. Illinois Experts is a research and scholarship database that automatically collects information from Scopus and other sources to help internal and external researchers identify potential collaborators and showcase expertise at Illinois. If you see information on your directory web page that you cannot edit or override, you may need to update your Illinois Experts account