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At this time the Executive Committee requests that you update your activity file in preparation for the annual review by the Executive Committee. The deadline for completion is April 3, 2022. 

The review of activity reports by the Executive Committee is part of the mandated regular activities of the department. The review is the basis for decisions concerning raises and  research-based teaching reductions for tenure-stream faculty. Tenure-stream faculty are guaranteed a 2+1 teaching load and do not have to apply for one if any of the following conditions hold at the time you file your annual report:

  • The Department has already agreed that you will have this load.
  • During the next academic year you will have a non-tenured tenure-track appointment in our department.
  • During the next academic year you will have a tenured appointment in our department and, moreover, an external research grant either supported at least one month of your salary in the summer of 2021 or definitely will support one month of your salary in the summer of 2022.

For your activity file, please provide an activity report and a CV with a list of publications. You are welcome to provide additional materials. We encourage you to use the standard LaTeX template for your activity report.

Be sure to provide whatever information you want the Executive Committee to consider.

The EC reserves the right to allocate a 0% raise for individuals who do not submit an activity report.

 As in prior years, the EC scores annual reports on a 6 point scale, with 3 points assigned for Research, 2 points assigned for Teaching (further subdivided into Teaching:Classroom Instruction and Teaching:Mentoring), and 1 point assigned for Service.

Please note that, following the procedure used during the past three years, faculty have the freedom to document their classroom instruction via several methods. These methods are not mutually exclusive. In view of the extraordinary adjustments to teaching methods made necessary by the COVID pandemic, the EC strongly encourages the use of the self-inventory of best practices for instruction. The inventory, which has been used in the past three years, has been updated and modified to include questions specifically addressing the impact of COVID-19 on teaching. 

The first option is to provide ICES teaching data as in past years. Each faculty member should indicate explicitly whether or not they wish to provide ICES data for the annual review.   

A second option is to fill out an inventory of best practices for instruction. Faculty who are interested in having their teaching evaluated according to this method should complete the inventory using the online webform referenced in the LaTeX template. Please note that not all inventory questions may be relevant for all courses taught. The inventory provides numerous opportunities for additional comments or clarification, or other information about teaching. Instructors are welcome to fill out the inventory separately for each course which they have taught. 

Providing ICES data and completing this inventory are two separate methods for documenting teaching effectiveness; faculty may use either or both methods. The EC will determine the "T:Classroom Instruction" component of the R+S+T score using the higher score provided by these two methods. 

Finally, any faculty member who does not wish to have their teaching evaluated by either of these two options is welcome to explain their reasoning and provide their own documentation of teaching effectiveness. Please note that the EC will not visit individual faculty members' classes as part of the annual review process.

2021-2022 COVID-19 Addendum

The EC recognizes the extraordinary and unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on all aspects of professional activity. Course instructional delivery has been modified drastically, research conferences and workshops have been canceled, postponed, or conducted virtually, and unexpected family obligations due to COVID-related shutdowns have impacted productivity. The EC will take the impact of COVID-19 into account when evaluating scholarly activity in the 2021-2022 annual review. This year’s LaTeX template includes a special section where faculty may explicitly describe impacts of COVID-19 on their professional activity during the past years.

In the event that the College authorizes a merit raise program this year following the same procedures as in the past, the College will reserve a portion of the raise pool for special merit increases. The annual review process will provide the foundation for the selection of a number of colleagues on the basis of outstanding merit or serious inequity to be recommended to the College for special raises. 

The success and fairness of this exercise depend greatly on the information provided to the Executive Committee by faculty. Please help us properly to assess your accomplishments by bringing your activity file up to date in a timely fashion.

Submitting activity reports

Submission form

The submission process has changed from previous years. Instead of sharing a Box.com folder, we ask for you to generate a single PDF file containing your entire activity report, and submit it via the submission form.

Updating a submission

Upon successfully submitting your activity report, you will receive an email confirming your submission. You may access and modify your submission via either a link contained in the confirmation email, or by visiting the submission form. Updates will be permitted until the submission deadline.

Joining PDFs

Because the submission process no longer allows uploading multiple PDF files, we have provided instructions on how to concatenate multiple PDFs:


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