Please consider donating to the Department of Mathematics Outreach fund, which supports our Summer Illinois Math camp and other outreach initiatives. Your support helps our department fulfill Illinois’s land grant mission.

For campers and parents:

Do I need to be on math team to enjoy SIM Camp?

No! While some of the topics will be similar to some competition math, most of it will be different. The problems that we do in camp can be open ended, and often have more than one solution. Campers spend a lot of time working in groups, and having different perspectives helps the group solve problems better!

Do I need to have good grades in math class to participate in SIM Camp?

No. We are looking for students who are enthusiastic about math, and this does not always mean getting good grades. If you like making sense of ideas, looking for patterns, and figuring out why things work, SIM Camp is for you!

Is SIM Camp a good place to get tutoring or get ahead in school over the summer?

SIM Camp is not a tutoring program or summer school. It is an opportunity to play with fun mathematical ideas that are not usually covered in school.

How much does SIM Camp cost?

SIM Camp is $200/student, although some need-based full and partial scholarships are available. We are able to reimburse students for the cost of daily travel to camp and provide students with lunch each day.

Does the camp provide housing?

We do not offer any residential options. Most campers live in the Champaign-Urbana area and travel to camp from home each day. Priority is given to students who live close enough to commute. Students from further away need to arrange their own accommodations (e.g. staying with local friends or family).

When will we hear about acceptances?

We do not consider applications until after April 15, and we start sending decisions May 4.

Can I apply after the deadline?

We give priority to applications received before the deadline, but will continue to accept applications until camp is full.

What if a student has allergies?

The student registration form asks for any dietary restrictions or allergies. We try to accommodate any restrictions.


When is SIM Camp?

Staff training starts on May 26, 2020.

The camp for rising 8th through 10th grade students will be June 8-12. The camp for rising 10th through 12th grade students will be June 22-26.

Who runs SIM Camp?

SIM Camp is run by graduates students in the University of Illinois Department of Mathematics. The courses are developed and run by graduate students and undergraduate assistant instructors.

How is SIM Camp funded?

We are funded by grants from Mathematical Association of America. We also receive support from the University of Illinois Department of Mathematics and the Department of Mathematics Outreach fund, with in-kind support from the Illinois Geometry Lab and the University of Illinois student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics. For 2019, SIM Camp is also supported by camper tuition.

If you interested in supporting SIM Camp, please consider donating to the Department of Mathematics Outreach fund, which supports our Camp and other outreach initiatives. Your support helps our department fulfill Illinois’s land grant mission.

For instructors and assistant instructors:

Do you provide housing?

We do not provide housing. In the past, instructors and assistants have either already had an apartment on campus for the summer, have sub-let one, or have stayed with a friend.

Can I take a class/have another job during this time?

The University does not allow anyone registered for at least 3 credit hours to work more than 28 hours a week.

We expect assistant instructors to work 9-5 during the seven weeks of employment. For instructors, we expect you to be available 9-5 during the weeks you are planning and teaching, and for 4 hours a day during pedagogy training. 

Can international students work? What if I’m on fellowship?

International students are welcome! We will also work with students on fellowship, but it is your responsibility to know the rules of your fellowship. For example, some fellowships might view Camp as fulfillment of a teaching or service requirement, but you would be paid by the fellowship. Others might require you defer the fellowship for the summer, and some might not allow it.

Can I teach a course that has been previously taught?

We want campers to be able to come back year after year. Let us know if you want to learn more about teaching previous courses. You can find a list of previous courses in the previous summers page.


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