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Ryan McConnell

PhD Student

Research Interests

Harmonic Analysis, PDEs, and the application of Harmonic Analysis techniques to the study of dispersive PDEs. Main emphasis on qualitative properties as well as local well-posedness.


Undergraduate, Ohio State (-19). 5th year graduate student at UIUC.

Highlighted Publications

  • Suengly Oh, Ryan McConnell, “Contractive wellposedness for the KdV below -1/2,” in preparation.
  • Ryan McConnell, “Remark on the Global Wellposedness of the Periodic Mass Critical NLS,” submitted.
  • Ryan McConnell, “Wellposedness for the fifth order KdV in Bourgain Spaces,” Submitted.
  • M. Burak Erdogan, Chi N. Y. Huynh, Ryan McConnell, “Talbot effect or the Sphere and Torus for d>=2," Accepted.
  • Ryan McConnell, “Global attractor for the periodic generalized KdV equation through smoothing,” Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems -- B, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp.1133–1158, 2023.
  • Ryan McConnell, “Nonlinear smoothing for the periodic generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equation,” Journal of Differential Equations, Volume 241, pp:353–379, 2022.