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Christopher Dodd

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Contact Information

Department of Mathematics
361 Altgeld Hall, MC-382
1409 W. Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801

Research Areas

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry, D-modules, Geometric Representation Theory

Research Description

My research is in algebraic geometry and geometric representation theory; focusing more recently on positive characteristic and p-adic techniques.


PhD, MIT, 2011

Additional Campus Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Recent Publications

Cautis, S., Dodd, C., & Kamnitzer, J. (2021). Associated graded of Hodge modules and categorical sl2 actions. Selecta Mathematica, New Series, 27(2), Article 22.

Bellamy, G., Dodd, C., McGerty, K., & Nevins, T. (2017). Categorical cell decomposition of quantized symplectic algebraic varieties. Geometry and Topology, 21(5), 2601-2681.

Dodd, C. (2014). Injectivity of the cycle map for finite-dimensional W-algebras. International Mathematics Research Notices, (19), 5398-5436.

Dodd, C., Jeasakul, P., Jirapattanakul, A., Kane, D. M., Robinson, B., Stein, N. D., & Silva, C. E. (2010). Ergodic properties of a class of discrete abelian group extensions of rank-one transformations. Colloquium Mathematicum, 119(1), 1-22.

Dodd, C., Marks, A., Meyerson, V., & Richert, B. (2007). Minimal Betti numbers. Communications in Algebra, 35(3), 759-772.

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