AWM Graduate Student Colloquium

The goal of the Graduate Student Colloquium is to encourage interaction and community among graduate students at all stages of the program and with varying research interests by gathering to hear about research currently being done by other graduate students in the department. The speakers will be current Illinois graduate students. The talks will be given for a general mathematical audience and discuss either the speaker’s current research, or a related introductory topic. Talks will be followed by time to chat and eat cookies. Although this colloquium is organized by the AWM chapter with graduate students in mind, all members of the department including faculty are welcome to attend regardless of gender.

If you would like to speak in the colloquium next semester or would like to get involved in some other way, please email Simone Sisneros-Thiry at

Fall 2019 Graduate Colloquia

4-5 pm Wednesday 9/11: Elizabeth Field

4-5 pm Wednesday 10/9: Lina Li

4-5 pm Wednesday 11/6: Ningchuan Zhang

4-5 pm Wednesday 12/4: Ravi Donepudi

Teaching and Diversity Seminar

The goal of the Teaching and Diversity seminar is to promote discussion within our mathematics community about diversity and inclusion, and our shared responsibility as teachers to be critical and intentional in our interactions with students and colleagues. The seminar is a space where we can reflect on how issues of equity and justice impact mathematics teaching, learning, and research. We invite speakers from within the university as well as external speakers. All members of the department, including faculty and staff, as well as members of the campus community are welcome. 

Fall 2018 Teaching and Diversity Seminars (Fall 2019 to come!)

4-5pm Wednesday 9/19 - Women in Math, widening roads, Dr. Moira Chas (Stony Brook University) 

4-5pm Wednesday 10/17 - Stereotype Threat in the Classroom, Vanessa Rivera Quiñones (UIUC)

4-5pm Wednesday 11/14 - Panel on Writing a Course Proposal, Claire Merriman (UIUC)

4-5pm Friday 12/7 - Changing the “Face” of Mathematics, Dr. Candice Price (University of San Diego)