Staff Duty Assignments

If your inquiry is related to:


Booking meetings with the Department Chair
Adding events to the department events calendar

Ordering textbooks
Requests for room keys, key pickup
Lost and found

Main Office

Becky Bishop
273 Altgeld

Appointments on grants
Conference planning
Contracts with vendors, including conference contracts
Copy machine issues & copy requests
Discretionary balance
Financial reports
Grant proposals
Hotel rooms for visitors & conferences
Projector reservations
Purchasing (air travel, supplies, books, services)
All other funding sources

Business Office

Brock Martin
57 CAB

Faculty activity reports
Faculty recruitment support
Information about departmental committee assignments
NetMath HR*
New student hires & appointment processing*
Postdoc recruiting support
Promotion & Tenure support
Reporting on-site injuries
Sabbatical applications
Staff searches*
Visas for visiting scholars & faculty*

Human Resources

Caitie Bruning
273 Altgeld


Emily Lange
273 Altgeld


*denotes Emily Lange as the primary contact for this inquiry

Math Times and other department newsletters
Door signs for offices
Posting course syllabi (or course website links) to the department website

Access to a departmental seminar calendar, or adding your Webtools calendar to the department's master calendar
Social media posts
Promoting departmental news and events
Requests for marketing materials for department events
Updates to department web pages

Communications Office

Shelby Koehne
263 Altgeld

Computer & tech purchases
Processing surplus computers

All requests for computer or other technology purchases, including software, subscriptions to web applications, and technology accessories must be routed through Math IT. 

Math IT

Disposal of furniture
Facility service requests (lights, heating, air conditioning, restrooms)
Inventory questions
Office assignments, requests for office changes
Telephone set-up and management

Facilities & Services

Kevin Armstrong

Subscriptions, submissions, back issues for the Illinois Journal of Mathematics

IJM Editorial Staff

Peggy Currid