Syllabus ASRM 398

ASRM 398. Actuarial Internship

Course topics: Students will complete an internship in an actuarial role.  The position will be approximately 40 hours per week for approximately 3 months. Students will perform the duties of entry-level actuarial employment including, but not limited to, pricing, reserving and special analyses for insurance products.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply the concepts learned in the actuarial coursework to real problems in the actuarial industry.
  2. Gain insight in to the actuarial industry to understand how future coursework is relevant in an actuarial career.
  3. Develop a familiarity with a portion of actuarial tools and methods.
  4. Gain experience solving ambiguous problems.
  5. Practice communicating technical information.
  6. Gain experience in multi-tasking and time management.


Students will be required to write a summary of their experience at the end of the internship.  The summary should detail the projects the student worked on and what was learned from those projects.  The student should also summarize skills that were developed during the internship.  Assessment will be based on this written summary.

Academic Integrity

According to the Student Code, `It is the responsibility of each student to refrain from infractions of academic integrity, from conduct that may lead to suspicion of such infractions, and from conduct that aids others in such infractions.’ Please know that it is my responsibility as an instructor to uphold the academic integrity policy of the University, which can be found here:

Disability Accommodations

To obtain disability-related academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids, students with disabilities must contact the course instructor and the Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) as soon as possible. To contact DRES, you may visit 1207 S. Oak St., Champaign, call 333-4603, e-mail or go to the DRES website.