Rosters and Grades


Class Rosters, Final Grade Submission, and Grade Changes

Class rosters are only available online and can only be accessed by the instructor of the course. In addition, all grades must be submitted online. These services can only be accessed through secure personal passwords, and since the same passwords give access to personal and appointment information about an instructor, the office staff are not permitted to obtain rosters or submit grades for an instructor.

There are two steps involved. First you must obtain an Enterprise ID and password. Once that has been done, you may check rosters, submit final grades, and make grade changes using Banner's Self-Service interface.

To obtain an Enterprise ID and password

Your Enterprise ID is the same as your NetID. If you do not already have an Enterprise password, or wish to change your password, go to the Enterprise Authentication Login page using the following link:

The instructions there will tell you how to set a password. If you ever forget your password, you may return to this page to set a new one. If you have difficulties, call the AITS Help Desk at 333-3102.

To check rosters (Method 1)

Using a browser, go to and select University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Urbana).
This will bring you to the Enterprise Application login page. Log in and you will be taken to the Self-Service Main Menu:
-> Faculty & Advisor Services (click on link)
-> Faculty Services (click on link)

This brings you to a page that has several links that might be of interest. For rosters
-> Class List - Detail (click on link) (or follow Class List - Summary)
and follow the instructions for choosing a semester and a specific class.
At the bottom of the roster page is a link that will create a printer-friendly version of your roster.

To check rosters (Method 2)

Using a browser, go to the DMI homepage at:

Select the link "Consolidated Class Rosters for Instructors" and follow the instructions.

To submit final grades or to change a grade

Go to

All grade changes require the approval of the Associate Chair. Grades should only be changed in case of error.