Business Office

Note: This list of resources from the Business Office is currently being updated. If you have any questions, please refer to the "Whom to Contact" list below.

Whom to Contact in the Business Office (Room 221, Altgeld Hall)

Account Balances and Financial Reports Brock Martin:
Archiving Brock Martin:
Cash/Checks for Deposit Mark Drennan:
Conference Planning Ann Byers:
Contracts Ann Byers:
Facilities Issues Kevin Armstrong:
Grant Proposals--Federal Awards Ann Byers:
Grant Proposals--Non-Federal Awards Ann Byers:
Hotel Reservations Mark Drennan:
Inventory (Questions or Disposals) Kevin Armstrong:
Purchasing--Computers, Printers, Toner Math IT:
Purchasing--All Other Items Ann Byers:
Reimbursements Mark Drennan:
Scholarships Mark Drennan:
Space Assignments Kevin Armstrong:

Travel  Reimbursements

Employee Reimbursements

Inviting Visitors

Event Planning Guidelines

How do I read my account statements

Grant Resources

Payroll Resources


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