Faculty Members

Pierre Albin — Analytic representations of topological invariants, analysis on non-compact or singular spaces, spectral geometry.

Matthew Ando — Homotopy theory, formal groups, analysis on loop spaces, elliptic cohomology and representation theory.

Yuliy Baryshnikov —Applications of topology in engineering, stochastic geometry and topology.

Dan Berwick-Evans — Quantum field theory and algebraic topology.

Steven Bradlow — Differential geometry, gauge theory, holomorphic vector bundles, moduli spaces.

Nathan Dunfield — 3-dimensional geometry and topology, hyperbolic geometry, geometric group theory, experimental mathematics, connections to number theory.

Rui Loja Fernandes — Differential geometry, Poisson geometry, integrable systems and Lie theory.

Jeremiah Heller —Motivic homotopy theory, algebraic cycles and K-theory.

Ely Kerman — Hamiltonian dynamics and symplectic topology.

Eugene Lerman — Symplectic geometry, symmetric Hamiltonian systems.

Randy McCarthy — Spectra, Calculus of Functors, K-theory.

Igor Mineyev — Geometric group theory, large-scale geometry, hyperbolic groups, various types of homology and cohomology of groups and spaces, topology of manifolds and cell complexes, metric conformal structures, metric geometry.

James Pascaleff — Symplectic topology and mirror symmetry.

Charles Rezk — Algebraic topology.

Vesna Stojanoska — Homotopy theory and its relations to arithmetic.

Susan Tolman — Symplectic geometry.

Alexander Tumanov — Complex analysis and geometry.


Aron Heleodoro — Algebraic Geometry, Geometric Representation Theory and K-theory.

Faculty Members in Related Areas

Philippe Di Francesco — Mathematical Physics, Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics, Integrable models of Statistical Physics, Cluster Algebra, Matrix models, Quantum (Conformal) Field Theory.

Aimo Hinkkanen — Complex analysis, geometry, dynamics.

Sergei Ivanov — Combinatorial group theory and its applications.

Igor Nikolaev — Investigations of spaces of bounded curvature. Regularity of the generalized solutions of the Monge-Ampere equation.

Jeremy Tyson — Geometric function theory, quasiconformal maps, analysis in nonsmooth metric spaces, sub-Riemannian geometry.

Adjunct Faculty

Hillel Gauchmann

James F. Glazebrook — Differential Geometry and its Applications to Mathematical Physics; Index Theory and Foliations; Holomorphic Vector Bundles; Noncommutative Geometry.

Emeriti Faculty

Stephanie Alexander — Differential geometry, global analysis.

Ararat Babakhanian — Algebraic geometry, homological algebra, ordinary differential equations.

I. David Berg — Operator theory, spectral theory, almost periodic functions, manifolds with boundary, spaces of bounded curvature.

Maarten Bergvelt — Completely integrable systems, Infinite dimensional Grassmannians, vector bundles and gauge theory.

Robert F. Craggs — Geometric topology and combinatorial group theory.

George K. Francis — Geometrical graphics, numerical geometry, descriptive topology, differential topology, dynamical systems, low dimensional geometry and topology.

Howard O. Osborn — Differentiable manifolds and fiber spaces.

Kenneth B. Stolarsky — Number theory, geometry.

Philippe Tondeur — Differential geometry, foliation theory, gauge theory, moduli spaces, low dimensional geometry and topology, topological quantum field theory.

Emeriti Faculty in Related Areas

John P. D'Angelo — Complex geometry.

Zoltan Furedi — Theory of finite sets with applications in geometry, designs, and computer science.

Daniel R. Grayson — Algebraic geometry, K-theory.

Julian I. Palmore — Dynamical systems, celestial mechanics.

Horacio Porta — Analysis, differential geometry.

Zhong-Jin Ruan — Operator algebra.