Faculty Members

Philippe Di Francesco — Mathematical Physics, Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics, Integrable models of Statistical Physics, Cluster Algebra, Matrix models, Quantum (Conformal) Field Theory.

Sankar Dutta — Commutative algebra.

Iwan Duursma — Cryptography, algebraic geometry.

William J. Haboush — Algebraic geometry.

Sergei Ivanov — Combinatorial group theory and its applications.

Sheldon Katz — Algebraic geometry, string theory.

Rinat Kedem — Mathematical physics, representation theory of infinite dimensional Lie algebras, quantum groups, and vertex algebras, integrable models statistical mechanics and quantum field theory.

Randy McCarthy — Algebraic K-theory, algebraic topology.

Igor Mineyev — Geometric group theory, large-scale geometry, hyperbolic groups, various types of homology and cohomology of groups and spaces, topology of manifolds and cell complexes, metric conformal structures, metric geometry.

Bruce Reznick — Combinatorial methods in algebra, analysis, number theory, combinatorics, geometry.

Alexander Yong — Combinatorial aspects of algebra and geometry; algebraic combinatorics.

Postdoctoral Faculty

To be posted

Faculty Members in Related Areas

Lou van den Dries — Applications of logic to algebra.

Jeremiah Heller —Motivic homotopy theory, algebraic cycles and K-theory.

Emeriti Faculty

Maarten Bergvelt — Representation theory of infinite dimensional Lie algebras, algebraic geometry, super geometry.

Everett Dade — Representation theory, finite groups, ring theory.

E. Graham Evans, Jr. — Commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, homological algebra, polynomials in several variables.

Robert M. Fossum — Commutative algebra.

Daniel R. Grayson — Algebraic K-theory, motivic cohomology, algebraic geometry, number theory, computational algebra.

Phillip A. Griffith — Commutative algebra, polynomials in several variables, homological algebra, ring theory.

Gerald J. Janusz — Representation theory of finite groups, algebraic number theory, Brauer groups, ring theory.

Leon R. McCulloh — Algebraic number theory, Galois module structure.

Anand Pillay — Model theory and algebra; stability theory, model theory of groups and fields with applications, differential fields.

R. Ranga Rao — Reductive groups and their representations and harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces.

Derek J. S. Robinson — Group theory, especially infinite soluble groups, permutability of subgroups, chain conditions; Connections with homological algebra; Algorithms for groups.

Paul E. Schupp — Group theory, logic, formal language theory and their interconnections.

Stephen V. Ullom — Algebraic number theory.

John H. Walter — Group theory.

Paul M. Weichsel — Algebraic graph theory, graph theory, combinatorial group theory, combinatorics.

Elliot C. Weinberg — Ordered algebraic structures.

Adjunct Faculty

Chelsea Walton — Noncommutative Algebra