The 2022 Summer Illinois Mathematics (SIM) Camp is planned to be taken place in person at Altgeld Hall Room 239, located at the southeast corner of Green Street and Wright Street in Urbana. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!


There are metered parking spots along Wright Street across from Altgeld, along John Street, and at the Illini Union. There is a small lot next to Altgeld on Wright and larger ones off of John and at the Illini Union where drivers can wait to pick up campers. Camper drop off will be on the Wright Street side of Altgeld, near the small lot.

We will also be able to provide parking permits to campers, available for pickup on the first day.

Public Transit

The Transit Plaza on Wright Street is a block south of Altgeld and served by the 1Yellow4Blue5Green8Bronze9Brown13Silver21Raven22Illini Limited, and 24Link.


The Illini Union bus stop is in front of Altgeld Hall on Green Street. It is served by the 2Red5Green5Green Express8Bronze12Teal13Silver21Raven, 22Illini22Illini Limited, and 24Link.



There are bike racks on the south and west sides of Altgeld Hall.

You can find accessibility information here.