Milliman Mentorship Program | Students of Color

Milliman Mentorship Program

Milliman is committed to promoting a high degree of diversity and inclusion within the actuarial field. With that, we are pleased to launch the Milliman Mentorship Program, an actuarial mentorship program for students of underrepresented minorities (Black, Latino, Native American) at the University of Illinois. Through a series of meetings with their own mentor—a practicing actuary at Milliman—students will be able to learn about the field and what it takes to start a job that consistently ranks as one of the top careers in the nation.

In addition to learning from a mentor, students will be offered financial aid in order to help cover the costs of studying for and taking their first actuarial exam. These exams are critical steps along the path to becoming an actuary and are often required by employers for both internships and full-time job offers.

This program is currently targeted towards students of color, early in their college career, who may be interested in a STEM-oriented career. Interested candidates can apply to become a mentee at

The key benefits are:

  • Financial support to cover exam sitting fees for your first SOA exam
  • Financial support to pay for study materials or study course
  • Pairing with a mentor who is an actuary at Milliman. This person will offer advice about the actuarial profession and encouragement as you prepare for your exam.*

There are three opportunities to apply for this mentorship:

*Formal mentoring will last until the student takes their first exam. However, Milliman professionals will be open to continuing this mentoring if students have an interest in continuing.