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Wei Wei

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Recent Publications

Wei, W., Zhu, J., Ren, S., Jan, Y.-K., Zhang, W., Su, R., & He, L. (2023). Effects of progressive body-weight versus barbell back squat training on strength, hypertrophy and body fat among sedentary young women. Scientific reports, 13(1), 13505. Article 13505.

Lau, P., Wang, L., Wei, W., Liu, Z., & Ten, C. W. (Accepted/In press). A Novel Mutual Insurance Model for Hedging Against Cyber Risks in Power Systems Deploying Smart Technologies. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 38(1), 630-642.

Liu, Z., Wei, W., & Wang, L. (2022). An Extreme Value Theory-Based Catastrophe Bond Design for Cyber Risk Management of Power Systems. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 13(2), 1516-1528.

Lau, P., Wang, L., Liu, Z., Wei, W., & Ten, C. W. (2021). A Coalitional Cyber-Insurance Design Considering Power System Reliability and Cyber Vulnerability. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 36(6), 5512-5524.

Liu, Z., Wei, W., Wang, L., Ten, C. W., & Rho, Y. (2021). An Actuarial Framework for Power System Reliability Considering Cybersecurity Threats. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 36(2), 851-864. Article 9174921.

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