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Denka Kutzarova

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Contact Information

306 Altgeld Hall, MC-382
1409 W. Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801

Research Areas


Research Description

Functional analysis (geometry of Banach spaces), approximation theory.


1983 Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Mathematics

Recent Publications

Dilworth, S. J., Kutzarova, D., Sarı, B., & Stankov, S. (2024). Duals of Tirilman spaces have unique subsymmetric basic sequences. Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, 56(1), 150-158.

Casazza, P. G., Dilworth, S. J., Kutzarova, D., & Motakis, P. (2023). New characterizations of the unit vector basis of or. Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 66(4), 1073-1083.

Casazza, P. G., Dilworth, S. J., Kutzarova, D., & Motakis, P. (Accepted/In press). On uniqueness and plentitude of subsymmetric sequences. Israel Journal of Mathematics.

Dilworth, S. J., Kutzarova, D., & Stankov, S. (2022). Metric embeddings of Laakso graphs into Banach spaces. Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 16(4), Article 60.

Ford, K., Kutzarova, D., & Shakan, G. (2022). Explicit RIP matrices: an update. Acta Mathematica Hungarica, 168(2), 509-515.

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