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Anthony D'Arienzo

PhD Student


Besides math, you can occaisionally find me playing cello around campus.

Research Interests

Characteristic classes on stratified 4-manifolds, intersection cohomology, sheaf theory, categorical logic.

Research Description

I study four-dimensional geometry with Gabriele La Nave. We are working on the L2-theory of characteristic classes of conically stratitfied 4-manifolds.

I also use sheaf theory to study logic and categorical semantics of programming languages. I am an intern at Sandia National Laboratories working on formal methods for programming languages.


  • Ph.D. student in Mathematics at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2021--.
  • AB Mathematics cum laude, Princeton University 2021. Senior thesis: Vector Bundles on Symplectic 4-Manifolds.

Awards and Honors

Graduate College Fellowship, 2021-2024.

Additional Campus Affiliations

Organizer for Graduate Geometry-Topology Seminar (Spring 2024 --)

Highlighted Publications

Bicategories, Biequivalence, and Bi-Interpretability (2023), submitted to the Journal of Symbolic Logic (