The Department of Mathematics manages and communicates with its members via the following campus mailing lists:

  1. (all current math faculty & staff - best for emergency use only)
  2. (all tenured and tenure-track math faculty members)
  3. (all math instructors, lecturers, and specialized faculty members)
  4. (math postdoctoral faculty)
  5. (math emeritus faculty)
  6. (members of math staff & administration, and academic professionals)
  7. (current mathematics graduate students)

When you join the department, you are automatically added to all relevant lists and have posting privileges to any lists you are added to. These mailing lists can and should be used to disperse internal communications within the department. (Note: Posts to some mailing lists are moderated to ensure responsible usage.)

Using these lists is simple: using your preferred emailing application (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.), you can email the address for the cohort you wish to communicate with, or you can post directly to one of these lists from the UIUC Mailing Lists server. You can also check your subscription to any of these mailing lists via the server.

Department administrators and selected staff members have ownership privileges on these lists (which allows them to manage list subscribers and moderate postings even if they are not members). If you believe you have a legitimate reason to be granted owner or moderator status on a given departmental mailing list, please email

The communications office does not send out internal communications emails on behalf of department members. However, we do manage subscriptions to these mailing lists as members join or leave the department. If for any reason you believe you have not been included on the appropriate mailing list, please contact

Content Policy


These mailing lists are intended solely for the purpose of dispersing information related to university business. There may be some instances when university business and personal news overlap; outside of those instances, please do not use the mailing lists to share personal news, and NEVER use them to disclose sensitive or confidential information. In general, practice good netiquette.

Posts to departmental mailing lists will be considered in violation of this policy if they

  • use obscene, threatening or harassing language;
  • disclose information that is confidential by law or regulation;
  • promote or advocate illegal activity;
  • violate copyrights or trademarks;
  • are commercial advertising, unsolicited self-promotion, SPAM, or solicitations; or
  • endorse or oppose anyone campaigning for election to a political office.

Failure to adhere to this policy may result in a loss of posting privileges to all departmental mailing lists.

It should also be noted that individual user posts to these mailing lists do not represent the opinions of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign or the Department of Mathematics.

All users, including mailing list administrators, are subject to campus mailing policies in addition to this policy.


Don't see the mailing list you need?

If these lists do not fit your needs, or you need to email or communicate with a specific cohort within the department, please reach out to for assistance.