Math Minor

Thank you for your interest in the Math minor!

The requirements can be found at 

The minor requires at least 6 hours of 300/400-level classes which you are NOT using for your major or any other minor.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I add the minor?

Math is a minor where students are expected to complete some of the coursework prior to adding the minor. Students must complete MATH 241, and at least one 400-level MATH course with a grade of C+ or higher before applying.

The deadline to declare a minor is the start of your final semester at Illinois - the beginning of the semester when you will graduate.

How do I declare the minor?

You can declare the Math minor at this link:

I'm pursuing a minor in mathematics and would like to use ECE 313/MATH 362 toward the math minor. The course is comparable to STAT 410; they are substitutable in the ECE curriculum. Would this be possible?

If you are NOT using Math 461, Math 463/Stat 400, or Math 469/Stat 420 towards the math minor, AND if you have at least 6 hours of 300/400-level classes for the minor which you are NOT using for your major and you do NOT need for tech electives, THEN we can do a substitution form for ECE 313.

If you have not yet completed (or at least started) the 6 hours of advanced courses you're doing JUST for the minor, then please contact us once you have. If you've done that already, please let me know with full name, UIN, and which courses are not being used for your major/tech elects.

All course substitutions must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Can you please let me into a math class so that I can use it for my math minor?

No priority for class registration is given for courses in a minor. Please see item # 3 in the Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor:

“I'm a graduating senior and I need one more Math class for my minor.”

I'm sorry but a minor is an optional bonus. Being in a math minor provides no registration privileges and no guarantee that you will be able to get all of the classes that you need to complete your minor.