Prizes in the Majors

In 1996, the department established the Major Awards to recognize the most outstanding undergraduate students in each of the four majors offered by the department: Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Teaching of Mathematics, and Mathematics and Computer Science. A student may be selected once in her/his undergraduate career for such a prize.

  Yuan Zhang Mathematics:
Yuan Zhang
Jacob Akstins Actuarial Science:
Jacob Akstins
  Patrick Hennelly Teaching of Mathematics:
Patrick Hennelly
Jeremy McMahan Mathematics and Computer Science:
Jeremy McMahan
  Zhaodong Cai Mathematics:
Zhaodong Cai
Siqi Chen Actuarial Science:
Siqi Chen
  Mathew Garcia Teaching of Mathematics:
Mathew Garcia
Saumil Padhya Actuarial Science:
Saumil Padhya
      Hao Gao Mathematics and Computer Science:
Hao Gao
  Yiming Peng Mathematics:
Yiming Peng
Yilin Zhou Actuarial Science:
Yilin Zhou
  Cameron Wieczorek Teaching of Mathematics:
Cameron Wieczorek
Ian Lee Mathematics and Computer Science:
Ian Lee
  Feng Liang Mathematics:
Feng Liang
Hyunsu Kim Actuarial Science:
Hyunsu Kim
  Mengyi Wang Mathematics:
Mengyi Wang
Rui Song Actuarial Science:
Rui Song
  Margaret Brewick Teaching of Mathematics:
Margaret Brewick
Abigail Turner Math and Computer Science:
Abigail Turner
      Ananya Uppal Math and Computer Science:
Ananya Uppal
  Shiladitya Bhattacharyya Mathematics:
Shiladitya Bhattacharyya
Sarah Manuel Actuarial Science:
Sarah Manuel
  Xueqi Wang Mathematics:
Xueqi Wang
Chris Zajeski Actuarial Science:
Chris Zajeski
  Elizabeth Denz Teaching of Mathematics:
Elizabeth Denz
Robert Weber Math and Computer Science:
Robert Weber
  Matthew Novack Mathematics:
Matthew Novack
Jenna Howell Actuarial Science:
Jenna Howell
  Kailin Yu Mathematics:
Kailin Yu
Jessica Yeh Actuarial Science:
Jessica Yeh
  Margaret Sharp Teaching of Mathematics:
Margaret Sharp
Corey Fry Math and Computer Science:
Corey Fry
  Zheyuan Fan Mathematics:
Zheyuan Fan
David Dosher Actuarial Science:
David Dosher
  Guangyuan Shi Mathematics:
Guangyuan Shi
Jie Ming Math and Computer Science:
Jie Ming
  Douglas Bengtson Teaching of Mathematics:
Douglas Bengtson
  Zhi Yuan Lu Mathematics:
Zhi Yuan Lu
Lauren Onderisin Actuarial Science:
Lauren Onderisin
  Robert Walker Mathematics:
Robert Walker
Adam Sturt Actuarial Science:
Adam Sturt
  Thomas Schlund Teaching of Mathematics:
Thomas Schlund
Paul Nichols Math and Computer Science:
Paul Nichols
  Jennifer Berg Mathematics:
Jennifer Berg
Margaret Stoner Actuarial Science:
Margaret Stoner
  Stephen Theis Mathematics:
Stephen Theis
Pan Corlos Wong Actuarial Science:
Pan Corlos Wong
  Kristine Galloway Teaching of Mathematics:
Kristine Galloway
Justin Kopinsky Math and Computer Science:
Justin Kopinsky
  Joseph Matuch Teaching of Mathematics:
Joseph Matuch
  Esther Chiew Mathematics:
Esther Chiew
Ying Li Mathematics:
Ying Li
  Kathy Y. Gu Actuarial Science:
Kathy Y. Gu
Laura P. Zahn Actuarial Science:
Laura P. Zahn
  Matthew Michelotti Math and Computer Science:
Matthew D. Michelotti
Jeffrey Mudrock Teaching of Mathematics:
Jeffrey Allen Mudrock
  Richard Moy Mathematics:
Richard Moy
Brian Alvin Actuarial Science:
Brian Alvin
  Ruoshi Sun Mathematics:
Ruoshi Sun
Daniel Schreiber Mathematics and Computer Science:
Daniel Schreiber
  Mary Kaitlin Colburn Teaching of Mathematics:
Mary Kaitlin Colburn
  Jack S. Scheff Mathematics:
Jack S. Scheff
Timothy Carl Goodson Actuarial Science:
Timothy Carl Goodson
  Jason Laurence Mead Teaching of Mathematics:
Jason Laurence Mead
Charles A. Blatti III Mathematics and Computer Science:
Charles A Blatti III
  Andrew Webster Mathematics:
Andrew Webster
Todd Michael Nagy Actuarial Science:
Todd Michael Nagy
  Noel Ramsey DeJarnette Teaching of Mathematics:
Noel Ramsey DeJarnette
Brian F. McKenna Mathematics and Computer Science:
Brian F. McKenna
  Seth Case Mathematics:
Seth Case
Hueyfang Chen Actuarial Science:
Hueyfang Chen
  Abbey Rechner Teaching of Mathematics:
Abbey Rechner
  Michael Munie Mathematics:
Michael Munie
Melanie Flaherty Actuarial Science:
Melanie Flaherty
  Lauren Baker Teaching of Mathematics:
Lauren Baker
Davina Lim Mathematics and Computer Science:
Davina Lim
David Smyth
Actuarial Science:
Betsy Jenkel
  Teaching of Mathematics:
Marina Gitlin
Mathematics and Computer Science:
Matthew Marquissee
David Dueber
Michael Baym
  Teaching of Mathematics:
Blaire Rose
Actuarial Science:
Jillian Strom
  Mathematics and Computer Science:
Matthew Ahrens
William Cuckler
Actuarial Science:
Ramakrishna Duvvuri
  Teaching of Mathematics:
Matthew John Moran
Mathematics and Computer Science:
Mark Hoemmen
Alison Mastny
Actuarial Science:
Michael Mielzynski
  Teaching of Mathematics:
Anh Ly
Mathematics and Computer Science:
Matthew Gill Byron
Eiji Aoki
Actuarial Science:
David Hanzlik
  Teaching of Mathematics:
Catherine Hardig
Mathematics and Computer Science:
Ilya Lvovich Korzhenevich
Nathan Gettings
Actuarial Science:
Christopher Viox
  Teaching of Mathematics:
Kimberly Carr
Mathematics and Computer Science:
Indra Rosadi
Mark Schmitt
Actuarial Science:
Carolyn Wettstein
  Teaching of Mathematics:
Julianne McKechnie
Mathematics and Computer Science:
David Biscan
Mathematics: Peter Seiler
Actuarial Science: Stacey Godman
Teaching of Mathematics: Jennifer Marine
Mathematics and Computer Science: Matthew Markus