H. Roy Brahana Prize

The H. Roy Brahana Prize is awarded to the student with the most exceptional undergraduate mathematics career. The award is not restricted to mathematics majors. The Brahana Prize is named in honor of H. Roy Brahana, a distinguished former professor of mathematics.

H. Roy Brahana was born in Lowell, Vermont in 1895. He received his bachelor's degree at Dartmouth College in 1916 and a Masters degree from Princeton in 1917. After a year and a half of service in the U. S. Army in World War I, he got his Ph.D. at Princeton University in 1920, writing his thesis in the emerging field of topology under the direction of Oswald Veblen. He joined the mathematics department of the University of Illinois immediately after getting his Ph.D. and remained on the staff until his retirement in 1963. At Illinois his interests turned to the theory of finite metabelian groups and related geometrical structures, and he supervised many Ph.D theses in that area. He served as acting head of the department of mathematics during the academic years 1947-1948 and 1954-1955. He served as editor of the works of G. A. Miller Professor Brahana was a very popular teacher and generously gave of his time to students at all levels. He and his wife were friendly people and helped create a warm atmosphere in which new faculty could flourish.

Recipients of the H. Roy Brahana Prize

2019 Jared Krandel
2018 Boyan Xu  
2017 Haidong Gong  
2016 Boris Xu  
2015 Yiwang Chen  
2014 Daniel Hirsbrunner  
2013 Brian Freidin  
2012 Sakulbuth Ekvittayaniphon AND Jinjie He
2011 Meng Guo AND Yi Zeng
2010 Yi-Wei Chan AND Brent Nelson
2009 Richard A. Moy  
2008 Jack Scheff  
2007 David Edward Grayson  
2006 Simina Maria Boca  
2005 Wing Ho Ko  
2004 Noah Prince  
2003 David Deuber  
2002 David Smyth  
2001 Michael Geline  
2000 Eiji Aoki  
1999 Brad Aaron Friedman  
1998 Christopher Francisco AND Matthew Rodriguez  
1997 Ivan Ivramovic  
1996 Tsz Ho Chan AND Patrick J. Keenan  
1995 Thomas A. Insel  
1994 Christine Heitsch  
1993 David P. Nicholls  
1992 Howard Ding  
1991 Jeffrey Ho  
1990 Jeffrey Douglas  
1989 no award  
1988 David Bryce Secrest  
1987 Reid Charles Huntsinger AND Brian Scott Pilz  
1986 Jackson L. Kilpatrick AND Michael D. Hollander  
1985 Michael William Bell  
1984 Debra K. Borkovitz  
1983 Jerome V. Walsh  
1982 Oscar F. Hernandez  
1981 Craig Smith  
1980 no award  
1979 Richard La Sota AND Christopher Bowen  
1978 Michael Stillman  
1977 Paul Hriljac  
1976 Bruce Hajek AND Allen Moy  
1975 Jerome Coonen  
1974 Marlies Gerber  
1973 William van Melle  
1972 Mark Ephron  
1971 Michael W. Jamieson AND David Reiner  
1970 no award  
1969 Stanley Paul Kerr, Robert Edwin Olson, AND Daniel Eaton Putnam  
1968 Eric Douglas Bedford  
1967 Edward Paul Culp  
1966 Paul Harvey Cox  
1965 Hugh Montgomery  
1964 William Alan Edelstein