Elsie Thomas Fraser Award

The Elsie Thomas Fraser Award was established in 2012 by Elsie Thomas Fraser (BA in Science and Letters, 1939) and her husband, Edward (BS in Civil Engineering, 1939). It is awarded to deserving undergraduate students in the Department of Mathematics with preference given to a freshman demonstrating academic excellence who is a United States citizen and an Illinois resident.


Elia Chudova

Elia Chudov


Ariel Lerman

Ariel Lerman

Eric Ko2019
Eric Ko

Auden Hinz2018
Auden Hinz

Anna Chlopecki2017
Anna Chlopecki

Diana Kowalski2016
Diana Kowalski

Kelly Mack2015
Kelly Mack

Nina Tandle2014
Nina M. Tandle

Jack Wagner2013
Jack Wagner

J.D. Quigley2012
J.D. Quigley