Dr. Lois M. Lackner Mathematics Scholarship

The Dr. Lois M. Lackner Mathematics Scholarship was established in 2007 through a generous gift by Dr. Lois Lackner-Strong, a University of Illinois alumna with degrees in the teaching of mathematics and in education. It is awarded with a preference to female mathematics undergraduate students.


2020  Daria Chudnovsky
2020  Yufeng Du
2019  Anna Chlopecki
2018  Anna Chlopecki
2017  Sarah Allen
2016  Sarah Allen
2015  Chloe Marshinski
2014  Yujia Liu
2013  Danni Sun 
2012  Kailin Yu 
2011  Xianchen Wu 
2010  Sarah Stef 
2009  Danielle E. Tomasek
2008  Jacqueline Jachymiak
2007  Melissa Schwerha