Kuo-Tsai Chen Prize in Mathematics

The Chen Prize was established in 1989 by the family and friends of Professor K.-T. Chen and is awarded in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement by a graduate student whose research interests lie in the area of the relationship between geometry and analysis or the relationship between algebra and analysis.

Professor Chen was an outstanding mathematician of international reputation, widely quoted for his contributions to the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations and to algebraic topology. Professor Chen received his Ph.D. in 1950 from Columbia University. Before joining the University of Illinois mathematics faculty in 1967, he taught at the University of Hong Kong, the Instituto Technologico de Aeronautica in Brazil, and at Rutgers University. Five students completed their PhD under his direction.


  • 2021-22   Gayana Jayasinghe
  • 2020-21   Hadrian Quan
  • 2019-20   Elliot Kaplan and Terence Harris
  • 2018-19   Matej Penciak
  • 2017-18   Byron Heersink
  • 2016-17   Seth Wolbert
  • 2015-16   Brian Collier
  • 2014-15   Vyron Vellis
  • 2013-14   Anton Lukyanenko
  • 2011-12   Dusty Gundmeier
  • 2009-10   L. Mercredi Chasman
  • 2005-06   Jae-Seong Cho
  • 2003-04   Xiaosheng Li
  • 2001-02   Lia Petracovici and Donghoon Hyeon
  • 1999-00   Matthias Aschenbrenner
  • 1997-98   Massoud Amini
  • 1995-96   Jeffrey Ho
  • 1993-94   Karin Johnsgard
  • 1991-90   Allen Rogers
  • 1989-90   Hobum Kim