Paul T. Bateman Fellowship in Number Theory

The Paul T. Bateman Fellowship in Number Theory is awarded to a graduate student actively working on research and writing his/her thesis in number theory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The idea for a number theory fellowship originated with Bruce Berndt to honor Professor Paul Bateman and his many contributions to number theory and the department. The first major gift was given by former faculty member John T. Selfridge. With the support of gifts from Professor Selfridge and many friends and colleagues, Paul and Felice Bateman completed this permanent endowment in 2002.

Professor Bateman received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1946. He joined the University of Illinois mathematics faculty in 1950, served as head of the department from 1965-1980, and became an emeritus professor in 1989. He died in 2012. Twenty students received their Ph.D. under his direction. His research has covered a wide range of topics including sums of squares, the distribution of prime numbers, Beurling’s generalized prime numbers, modular forms, geometric extrema, the coefficients of the cyclotomic polynomials, and arithmetic functions. He has written joint papers with more than 20 different coauthors.


  • 2021   Robert Dicks
  • 2020   Alexander Dunn
  • 2019   George Shakan
  • 2018   Junxian Li
  • 2017   Xianchang Meng
  • 2016   Amita Malik
  • 2015   Nickolas Andersen
  • 2014   Arindam Roy
  • 2013   Dan Schultz
  • 2012   Joseph Vandehey
  • 2011   Khang Tran
  • 2010   Atul Dixit
  • 2009   Dimitrios Koukoulopoulos
  • 2008   Byungchan Kim
  • 2007   Sun Kim
  • 2006   Timothy Kilbourn
  • 2005   Stephanie Treneer
  • 2004   Song Heng Chan
  • 2003   Michael Bush
  • 2002   Friedrich Littman