Comprehensive Exams

Upcoming comp dates are:

  • Monday, Aug. 16               Math 540           9:30-12:30 in 241 Altgeld
  • Tuesday, Aug. 17               Math 500           9:30-12:30 in 241 Altgeld
  • Wednesday, Aug. 18         Math 542           9:00-12:00 in 241 Altgeld

The precise schedule will be determined closer to the time.

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The comp exams for Math 500, 540 and 542 are offered each January, May and August.

All other comp exams are offered only in the comp period immediately following the course. e.g. if Math 570 is taught in the Fall, then its comp exam will be offered in January, but not in May or August.

Math 500 exams from August 2012 and earlier are NOT a reliable guide to future exams, because the syllabus was revised substantially in Fall 2012.

Past comprehensive exams for study purposes can be accessed here.