Feasibility Study of Altgeld Hall and Illini Hall

On November 8, 2010, DeStefano Partners presented new draft plans. Altgeld Hall would serve as the "public face" of the department, containing administrative offices, the Math Library, and University-controlled classrooms, thereby focusing undergraduate instruction.

The plans show a substantially expanded Illini Hall as a "mathematics institute," accommodating all faculty/instructors/emeriti/visitors/advanced graduate students, as well as collaborative spaces, departmental classrooms and seminar rooms, and a central common room.

The latest test-fits are posted here: Scheme B5. Additional documents for review include the Nov 8 powerpoint presentation and the program details. The scheme is also posted on the bulletin board in the mailroom. In the next five days, please review these documents and then submit your comments.

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Our earlier feedback to DSP emphasized a central theme from conversations over many months: that our space must support the interaction and collaboration that fosters creative teaching and research.

This scheme was presented on November 8, 2010:
Scheme B

Below are the schemes presented by DeStefano Partners on September 29, 2010.

Scheme 1, Altgeld Hall
Scheme 1, Illini Hall
Scheme 2, Altgeld Hall
Scheme 2, Illini Hall
Scheme 3, Altgeld Hall
Scheme 3, Illini Hall
Math Programs Assessment
Powerpoint presentation on 9/29/10
Summary of Space Use, Spring 2010