Department of Mathematics COVID-19 Task Forces

In preparation for the 2020-21 academic year, the department formed two task forces to consider specific ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic impacts our research, our teaching, and our ability to conduct on-campus activity. The Task Force for Math Instruction and Assessment considered course instruction, remote vs. face-to-face instruction, methods for assessment and grading, and other related issues. The Task Force for Math/Stats Building Usage, organized in collaboration with the Department of Statistics, considered building usage, workplace environments for personnel, and the safe resumption of on-campus operations.

The recommendations and advice provided by these groups was used by the Executive Committee and the department’s administration to develop procedures and protocols for how we will conduct our activity during the 2020-21 academic year, while adhering to all guidelines from the University of Illinois System, the UIUC campus administration, and the College of LAS.

Thank you to all of these individuals for contributing their time to this important task.

COVID-19 Task Force for Math Instruction and Assessment |

COVID-19 Task Force for Math/Stats Building Usage |