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Developing advice for getting into graduate school

Faculty Member
Susan Tolman

The goal of this project is to develop material to help advise UIUC undergraduates who are interested in going into graduate school in mathematics or mathematics-adjacent areas. We will develop this material based on advice on other school web sites, publicly available information, private documents, and some meetings with relevant faculty members. Our main goal will be to build a website containing this information, but we may also write material to give to faculty advisors, plan an evening event, etc. This project is not mainly intended to get the participants into graduate school themselves, though of course knowing best practices may be useful. WARNING -- Because this project is so different from other projects, students will not be accepted unless they say a few words about their interest in this project in their application.

Team Meetings
Project Difficulty
Undergrad Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this project other than an interest in the topic!