Interactive Visualizations in Calculus and Probability

Faculty Member

AJ Hildebrand

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This project is part of an ongoing program aimed at creating interactive
Mathematica-based visualizations of interesting mathematical topics and
making these available to a broader audience through publication at the
Wolfram Demonstrations website,
The ultimate goal is to develop a collection of attractive interactive
tools for use in instruction and outreach activities.

The program began in Fall 2018, focusing on visualizations of selected
topics at the interface of multivariable calculus and probability, such as
harmonic functions and random walks of various types. Depending on the
interests of the team members, we may continue the "calculus and
probability" focus in Spring 2019, and/or branch out into other areas such
as number theory, combinatorics, and differential equations.

Students should be familiar with Mathematica prior to the start of the
project. At the beginning of the project, we will provide additional
training to help develop the particular skills needed to create
Mathematica-based visualizations.

For more information, and links to Wolfram Demonstrations that have been
created by past group members, visit

Team Meetings

Twice weekly

Project Difficulty


Undergrad Prerequisites

Completion of Math 241 (or equivalent) with a grade of A- or better.
Experience with Mathematica, or other evidence of strong coding skills, is highly desirable.