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Philipp Hieronymi

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An important part of IGL's mission is to support departmental efforts to engage local, state and national communities through outreach and to share our passion for mathematics beyond our campus. In recent year we have organized classroom visits at local schools and we had local schools make field trips to our lab. During these visits we engaged students from preschool to high school in hands-on activities that highlight the creative, discovery driven side of mathematics.

The goal of this project is to develop new activities for future classroom visits and large outreach events and try it out in classroom visit during the Spring semester (or the Fall semester).

This is a continuation of a successful project from the Fall semester in which undergraduate scholar prepares outreach material about platonic solids and the Four Color theorem. Newcomers are welcome!

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We are searching for students who are passionate about teaching and sharing their excitement for mathematics. Since we are planning to use the new material in classroom visits, we are particularly interested in students who would like to take part in such classroom visits and are potentially interested in taking on leadership roles in the outreach program of the IGL in the next academic year.