Automata and Numeration Systems

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Philipp Hieronymi and Erik Walsberg

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In the last few years novel connections between mathematical logic and automata theory have emerged. A question that often arises in this area is the following: given a numeration system of natural numbers, can addition in this numeration system be performed on a finite automaton? For example, it is well-known that addition of two natural numbers in binary representation can be carried out on a finite automaton.

The goal of this project is to study addition in non-standard numeration system (such as the Zeckendorf numeration system) and implement algorithms for addition in a theorem prover software Walnut (see Following an idea championed by Jeffrey Shallit, this will then allow us to use this software to automatically prove new theorem about combinatorial properties of certain infinite words.

This is a continuation of the project "Automata and Numeration system" from the Fall semester 2018. Newcomers welcome!

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Undergrad Prerequisites

Completion of Math 347 (or comparable) required. Basic knowledge of automata and coding ability helpful.