Visual Cliffs, Virtual Reality, and Movement Disorders

Faculty Member

Richard Sowers and Manuel Hernandez

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Virtual reality (VR) is entering into the public consciousness. One area where it may have significant impact is the medical industry. In this project, we seek to create a VR component of a testbed for understanding responses to visual stimuli and its relation to Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders. We will likely develop on a Hololens (computer languages are likely to be C# and Unity) or a similar VR platform. Hopefully you will gain some expertise which is valuable in this exciting area. Solid coding ability is required. Professor Manuel Hernandez of the Dept. of Kinesiology & Community Health is a cofaculty mentor for this project. We intend to connect this project to the University of Illinois Health Care Engineering Systems Center.

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Project Difficulty


Undergrad Prerequisites

CS101, Linear Algebra, some Signal Analysis.  Solid coding ability is required.