Detection of displacement and needs related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Faculty Member
Jana Diesner and Richard Sowers

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is a singular displacement in postwar Europe. We are interested in some informational aspects of modern conflict.

First, Open Street Map is a crowdsourced dataset of roads and points of interest. We are interested in the ‘changesets’ which may be connected with the conflict. Are they correlated with the progress of the conflict? How does this reflect information (and potentially misinformation) about critical infrastructure?

Second, crises reveal and interrupt supply chains that reflect the demand and supply of material and immaterial goods. Replicating a prior, natural language processing based methodology that we have developed, evaluated, and open sources, we aim to identify trends in needs related to this conflict.

Include a link to your github repo in the application, if possible.

Project Difficulty
Undergrad Prerequisites

Some elementary knowledge of statistics is needed.

Students are all required to know python, and should include a link to their github repo in the application, if possible.