Calculus, Geometry, and Probability in n Dimensions

Faculty Member

A.J. Hildebrand

This project is part of an ongoing program that began in Fall 2012 and that is now in its tenth semester. The general goal of this program is to seek out and explore interesting problems in n-dimensional calculus and geometry that are accessible at the calculus level, motivated by applications in probability, statistics, economics, and other areas, and that have a broad appeal and are well-suited for creating interactive visualizations for presentation at outreach events, and for publication at the Wolfram Demonstrations website. During the past two semesters we focused on mathematical questions arising in game theory, and in particular on mathematical models of poker. Depending on the interests and backgrounds of the participants, we may continue with the "Mathematics of Poker" theme in the coming semester, or explore other problems of similar flavor at the interface of mathematics and economics. For further details, and reports on past projects, visit

Team Meetings

Twice a week for two hours each time

Project Difficulty


Undergrad Prerequisites

Students should have taken Math 241, preferably in the honors version, with a grade of A- or better, or be concurrently enrolled in an honors section of Math 241. Programming experience with Mathematica and/or Python, would be a plus, but is not required. More important than any formal prerequisites are an enthusiasm about the subject and the project, an open mind, a willingness to work with like-minded students in a team, and a willingness and to make the necessary time commitment for this project to succeed.